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Grotesque is a fictional retailing concept done as a marketing project for academic purposes. The name Grotesque was inspired by the practical typeface movement after the proliferation of the printing press. As Sans Serifs typefaces was considered to be ugly […]

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Branding Yu Yi

This is a branding project done for a wooden case factory, the logo encompasses the silhouette and colours of wooden cases and the name of the company. The main colours and textures used reflects the company’s products and mission. The […]

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Hazy Crazy

  Hazy Crazy is a fictional advertising campaign done as part of a school project to educate young kids about the harmful effects of haze. The purpose of this project is to use advertising and design as a medium to […]

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The 24-Hour Bookstore

  The 24-Hour Bookstore is an advertising campaign which aims to promote e-reading on iBooks through its advantages and conveniences with various posters, installations and brochures.   POSTERS   MICROSITE                     […]

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DBS Ideal

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration project with Jiawen, Joel & Amelia. DBS IDEAL is a new banking concept that provides convenience and to encourage youths to start saving up for their future by allowing them to get their own ideal card through customizing, the […]